Welcome to GCC INVEX 2020 (6-8 April )

Exhibition Targets

- Introducing  business atmosphere to  investors.
- Introducing the new insurance services in the field of insurance industry.
- Introducing the latest investment projects in private sector and attracting new investors.
- Introducing the latest investment opportunities in major projects.
- Introducing the modern banking services in money market.

- Introducing the capabilities of domestic and foreign financial institutions.
- Recognizing the competitors and getting familiar with their services, products and plans.
- Introducing the capabilities and achievements of the capital market,  insurance and money market.
 - Transferring the international knowledge and experiences of capital market to financial institutions


Effectively showcase and promote your services, products and technologies.
Enhance your current position in the market.
Showcase your company’s previously completed and
ongoing projects.
Introduce your services and products directly to your target clients.
Enhance your company awareness.
Find new customers.

 Oman Finance Expo

  Oman Finance Expo Is a hub of investment and finance where the key technologies,

   manufacturers, products, suppliers, and financial institutes meet under one roof. 

   This  show is a perfect place for showcasing investment and financial capacities in 

    all aspects.

Oman Joining the World’s Developed Countries:

According to Oman vision 2040, the Sultanate is striving to become a developed country, to build a productive and diversified economy, founded on innovation and the integration of roles, on equal opportunities and the leveraging of Oman’s competitive advantages, driven by the private sector towards synergy with the global economy and active contribution to global trade.
Such an economy would achieve comprehensive and sustainable development, based on an effective economic leadership, one that operates within a coherent institutional framework of economic policies and legislations that are responsive to changes, with the aim of achieving financial sustainability and the diversification of public revenues.
The Sultanate aspires to the future development of an attractive environment for competencies in the labor market, and to a growing partnership in a competitive business climate, one that fulfills comprehensive geographical development, founded on the principle of decentralization, steeped in the principle of the optimal and balanced use of land and natural resources and the protection of the environment. Such development would support food and water security and the security of energy, build smart and sustainable cities with advanced technological infrastructure, and foster socio economic prosperity and social justice in urban and rural communities.
The Future Vision is laying down the foundation for an empowered knowledge-based society whose members are innovative, proud of their identity and culture, committed to their civic duties and values, who enjoy a life of dignity and sustainable wellbeing, whose cornerstones are a leading healthcare system and an active lifestyle, and universal education that guarantees lifelong learning. Such a society would cultivate the skills of the future, contribute to reinforcing scientific research and building national capabilities, and achieve economic growth and social welfare, in a state whose agencies are both flexible and responsible, governance is all-encompassing, regulation is effective, the justice system is swift, performance is efficient, and the media is active and ever-renewing, bolstered by an empowered civil society that participates in all aspects of life, towards higher levels of human development.


IMF forecasts more than 6% growth in Oman’s real GDP in 2020.
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) currently stands at $18.54 billion.
The government has allocated RO 3.7 billion for infrastructure, industrial and services projects in 2019 state budget.
Mixed use development by Al Khonji Real Estate Development Company (Aqar) $1 billion
Oman 2040 Tourism Strategy $62 billion
Sino-Omani Industrial Park in Duqm SEZ
$10 billion
Oman has captured the world’s attention with only 7 hours flying time to 50% of the world’s population.